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Switch Selector Tool

Rui brito
Occasional Contributor

Switch Selector Tool

Hi all,

First let me thank Dennis Handly for the pointer below to create a new topic! The navigation here in the Community is a nghtmare IMHO!


Now, my question. Before separation there was a switch selector tool that was quite usefull. It has disappeared (after HPE revamped the pages), but yesterday it was visible again in h17007.www1.hp.com/us/en/networking/products/switches/switch-selector.aspx#.VsSKsfmLTIU .

Today is gone again. I can't understand why HPE is doing this. Can someone tell me the right address for the switch selector tool. The interface I 'm referring to is similar to the wireless one:






Re: Switch Selector Tool

>First let me thank Dennis Handly for the pointer below to create a new topic!


If you want to thank me, you can click on the Kudos thumbs up on the bottom left, here and in the original post:



Note: That link was to create a new topic in QC, not where you wanted.  I've asked the moderators to move this to switches.

Your link now redirects to a more obvious:



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