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Switch Upgrade for a small network

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Switch Upgrade for a small network

Server Access switch.

I want to upgrade our switch that connects to the servers.

our main switch is hp 2610(100mb)

i would like to get a 1800 24pt 1Gb and use it as a Server Access Switch.

I want the connections between the servers to run at 1Gb. Client connections can remain 100mb. We are running sql server so bandwidth to client is not much of an issue.

So i would trunk 2 ports from the 2610 to the 1800.

i have 2 other switches connected to the 2610 for Workstation Connections.

Is this configuration Okay for a small network (30 Users).

Any Design tips will be appreciated.

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Switch Upgrade for a small network

If you can afford the 2810 I would strongly recommend you purchase it instead of the 1800. It has a lot more functionality and is the same look and feel as the 2610. The 1800 does the job but when it comes time to setup VLANs or anything else slightly more complex, you'll wish you bought the 2810.

Re: Switch Upgrade for a small network

I agree with you Matt, 1800 is not the ideal switch to connect servers because it comes without any feature to provide security, and in the server side it's important you have a switch with the minimum security features, 1800 is more an access switchs for user's without big security.