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Switch software List not updating in Procurve manager Plus 3

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Switch software List not updating in Procurve manager Plus 3

Im not sure if this is the right place for this thread, sorry could not find the category...

we purchased procurve manager a while ago, and ever since, cannot get the firmware software update to work.

we have working on this for a fair few versions, and we are now working in PCM Plus 3.20.

basically when you goto the tools --> preferences --> configuration management,
and click the download now button, the software is meant to connect to the HP public FTP site, download the latest list of device firmware and then close the connection. from then, the download now button becomes active again, the last downloaded date changes, and in theory when you go to the switch software section on the left hand side of the window, i should be able to select my device... 5412zl, and see the firmware for the switch, or select a previous firmware.

however when we do so, the download now becomes active again, the date changes, but when you go to the switch software section, there is nothing in the right hand list of firmware. you can select the device on the left, however there is nothing there under the preferred version drop down menu.

i have contacted HP support, and they are telling me after doing a wire shark capture, that the windows 2008 Datacentre SPk2 is having TCP buffer errors, however the same issue is duplicated on a win 2003, win XP machine....

i have full access to the FTP site, and am bypassing the proxy.

if i look at the directory with the procurve_firmware.prp file, and the previous file gets renamed, then the new one is created, and downloaded.

now when i look at the file, the code is around 50% there, then stops.

if i edit the file and close the code, restart the procurve manager services, and got back in, there is now firmware available up till the spot where the code ends, i.e. at the device it was up to....

does anyone have any ideas...