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Switches crashing

Switches crashing

Hello gurus

We have a strange problem......

We have a medium sized network spanning over several buildings connected with wireless bridges. In total we have 95 switches connected to the network, mainly 2500-series and 2600-series, some 2610-series and two 5308XL. These are managed with ProCurve Manager 2.30.10.

Every now and then almost every switches located on other buildings than the main building, and with the wireless bridge connected, is crashing.

This happened ofcourse during easter, once in early february and also tonight.

The switch acts like its working when you look at it, there are activity but the network is not working.

The solution is to reboot the switches.

This only happens during night, and I wonder if the config change scan is the problem. But disabling it is not what I want, and since I don't see a pattern I will not know if that will help.

Have anyone seen something similar? Any good ideas what to do?

Best regards

Rune Millerjord
Becky Gorrell
Occasional Visitor

Re: Switches crashing

What application is doing the config change scan? What version of firmware are you running?

We have 5 5412s running 13.25, 13.51 and 13.58 which have crashed in the last five days. Four of these lost their configuration file (and we know the startup and running config were synced.) We run opsware and have noticed that these switches crash sometime after opsware has taken a snapshot.

Re: Switches crashing

Hi Becky

It's the ProCurve Manager that is doing the config change scan.
Most of the switches are running the latest firmware, I usually upgrade pretty fast.

I can't say this has happened after an event like upgrading firmware or upgrading PCM.

But all my configs are OK after a reboot, actually it may seem like the port containing the wireless bridge is being blocked. I will look to this the next time this happens, connect to a console.... Didn't think of that until after a reboot of all switches.
Maybe the discovery multicast in some rare occasions will make spanning tree block some ports? I have also discovered this only happens at my point to multi-point bridges.