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Switches with redundant Layer3 support

Andrey Paramonov
Occasional Visitor

Switches with redundant Layer3 support

Please review the following configuration we're planning to install and say if it would be Layer3 redundand on level of master switches:

routers [CISCO RTR #1]<--->[CISCO RTR #2]

= routers have uplink internet connectivity + connected to each other and to appropriate master switches

master [3400cl #1]<--->[3400cl #2]

= master switches are connected together via 10GbE

cabinets [2650/2848] ... [2650/2848]

= switches in cabinets connected to both master switch (in other words, having 2 uplinks)

The 3400cl switches will run XRRP to provide redundancy to the servers.

We will run OSPF between the cisco routers and the 3400cl switches, with the cisco routers distributing a default route down to the L3 switches and the switches distributing the attached sub-nets to the cisco routers. Should we be OK with this level of inter-operability?

Jeff Brownell
Valued Contributor

Re: Switches with redundant Layer3 support

Without knowing any details, it looks good in theory. If not already done, read through the advanced traffic mgt guide section on xrrp before implementing...