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Syslogging on 9300..

Jonathan Axford
Trusted Contributor

Syslogging on 9300..

Hi Guys,

I noticed a post about trouble with the syslog and PCM on the 5400 series, I am having similar trouble with my 9300 switches.

The rest of the devices in my network all send there syslog events to the PCM server, this includes 2500,2600,2800,4100,5300.

The commands i have issued are :

logging host

I also tried to use

no logging buffered informational

to try and cut down on the amount of messages i was receiving.

The PCM server does not pick up any info from the 9300, do i need to configure the syslog facility commands?

I am at a loss here.... :-)

Where there is a will there is a way...
Jason Luckett
Frequent Advisor

Re: Syslogging on 9300..

Hi Jonathon,

Have you tried using a tird party SYSLOG server as a work around, so at least you are getting your logs.

There is a great little utility that I use for everything it is TFTPD32.exe, you can use it for the following:

TFTP server
TFTP client
SYSLOG server
SNTP server
DHCP server

I know this is not a fix for PCM but it is a work around.

I hope this helps,