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TX1000 Can't Ping Wired Printer

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TX1000 Can't Ping Wired Printer

Hello, We have a small wired network of 4-6 Vista PCs and 1 Brother MFC-9840CDW Printer.

All of our PCs can ping each other and the printer - except for TX1000 Tablet (Vista Home Premium SP1 32-bit).

The TX1000 tablet can ping all the PCs, but not the printer.

The TX1000 can print to an HP LaserJet 6pxi attached to one of the other PCs.

We have loaded the Brother printer software on all the PCs, including the TX1000 - but TX1000 could not 'see' the printer during installation - we had to use the IP address of the printer to load the software. But, even though it shows the printer as 'installed' on the TX1000, it cannot ping or print to it.

Thank you for help... :-)
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Re: TX1000 Can't Ping Wired Printer

I'm having the exact same problem with a Brother 7840 connected via wire to a Belking router and a wirelessly connected Presario laptop running Vista.
Would love to solve the problem.
bill jacobs
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Re: TX1000 Can't Ping Wired Printer


Same deal here but we have a tablet that fails to ping / load an HP printer wirelessly and fails to load, but can ping when on ethernet cable.

Do we see a common flaw amongst tablets?