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Tag or Untagged Vlan Port

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Tag or Untagged Vlan Port

Hi i am setting up a simple v lan and i am unsure weather the ports for the v lan should be tagged or not.


I have created VLAN2  which ports 1-5 are assigned to. 


in ports 1 - 5 i will be patching in up to 5 wifi access points. 


these access points support multiple SSID so i was planning on creating one SSID for mobiles and tablets and another SSID for laptops and wireless desktops.


SSID 1 ( mobiles ) = VLAN2

SSID 2 ( Laptops ) = VLAN 1 ( default v lan)


as the switch ports will have traffic from both VLANS do they need to be tagged?




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Re: Tag or Untagged Vlan Port

If you are connecting two network devices then all frames passing between them will be on the same VLAN UNLESS you add additional VLANs, and to have more than one VLAN on a link, all additional VLANs must be tagged.


You need to match tagged VLANs on both ends of a link.


Some switches force you to have one untagged VLAN, some allow you to have only tagged VLANs.


Ideally, don't use an untagged VLAN to pass traffic between two network devices. And ideally, don't use VLAN1 for anything.