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Tagged VLANs on Procurve 2848


Tagged VLANs on Procurve 2848

I am testing the VLAN operation on my Procurve 2848 Switch.
I have set up a VLAN called LAN with ID 2, I have then given port 2 and 3 'no' access to the DEFAULT_VLAN and given ports 2 & 3 'tagged' VLAN access to LAN (ID 2)
I have then plugged 2 laptops into either port (2 & 3) and given each other as their default gateways, then, tried to ping one another.
But, alas, they do not communicate.
and I cannot understand why, any help here would be most appriciated.

Also, when you set ports 2 & 3 to 'untagged' on VLAN LAN (ID 2)The Laptops DO communicate.

Does any one know why this would be the case, I would like to get the laptops communicating on a 'tagged' VLAN

Thanks in advance
Manfred Arndt
Valued Contributor

Re: Tagged VLANs on Procurve 2848

Hi John,

Tagged VLANs only works with Servers and LAN cards where the Ethernet driver supports tagged VLAN packets and requires additional configuration. Most laptops do not support this today.

You will need to configure the server with 802.1p tagging and assign the VLANs (For Intel this is under the PROSet Advanced tab).

Your laptops communicate when you assign an untagged VLAN, because they are only sending untagged Ethernet packets.


Re: Tagged VLANs on Procurve 2848

Aha! I see, that would explain it.

Thank you.