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Tagged and [no] Untagged confusion

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Tagged and [no] Untagged confusion

Hello after a several years of working with cisco devises I started to work at company that works only with HP and this is very confusing

Now I know that tagged is a trunk and untagged stands for access but there is another one that call no untagged and I dont understand why

I need a port 47 to be in a vlan 11 it connected to firewall and port 20 to be in access vlan 11 that my PC connects to it and recieve DHCP from a FW

this is the configuration


hostname "SW-IT"
console idle-timeout 600
console idle-timeout serial-usb 600
ip default-gateway
interface 13
interface 22
interface 30
name "PC_BAR"
interface 47
name "FGT_60D"
snmp-server community "public" unrestricted
vlan 1
name " Lan"
no untagged 1-2,4,6-7,11-12,14,17,19-23,28,30,32-33,36-37,39-41,43,45-47
untagged 3,5,8-10,15-16,18,24-27,29,31,34-35,38,42,44,48-52
tagged 13
ip address dhcp-bootp
vlan 11
name "Support Net"
untagged 1-2,4,6-7,11-14,17,19-21,23,28,30,32-33,36-37,39-41,43,45-47
tagged 22,27,48
ip address
vlan 24
name "SURV"
no ip address

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Re: Tagged and [no] Untagged confusion

Here is a link of one of the post where this has been discussed link :- https://community.hpe.com/t5/Switches-Hubs-and-Modems/VLAN-Tagging-confusion/td-p/4715581 hope this helps

Also you might find this guide helpful since you were working with cisco devices before. Its a Aruba HPE Networking and Cisco CLI Reference Guide 

Link :- http://h20628.www2.hp.com/km-ext/kmcsdirect/emr_na-c04793912-4.pdf

Thank you,
I am an HPE employee
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Re: Tagged and [no] Untagged confusion

"No untagged" is just for VLAN1 because it is the default untagged VLAN on every port unless it is removed using the "no untagged".

This is superior functionality to Cisco, because it allows you to have no untagged VLAN on a trunk, whereas with Cisco you have to create "black hole" VLANs to be the untagged VLAN on trunks instead of the default VLAN1.