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Tagged/untagged WP420


Tagged/untagged WP420


I've connected the accesspoint 420 from HP to a ProCurve 5406zl.

Should the vlans for each SSID and the default administration VLAN all be tagged - 'cause that's what I've set up.

Or should one consider using the default VLAn as untagged, and then all the vlans for the SSIDs as tagged? Are there any security issues that one should be aware of when deciding?

Thanks in advance,
Miika T
Valued Contributor

Re: Tagged/untagged WP420

I would (and have done) do so that the management vlan is untagged, and all others are tagged. The benefit of this is that if you ever move the ap from one port to another, you will always get to the management console, even though you didn't create the additional tagged vlan's for other ssid's.