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Tagging & Untagg

Navaneeda Kumar
Frequent Advisor

Tagging & Untagg


Is anybody can explain me about the tagging and Untagging terms in Hp switches.

1.what is the Meaning for Tagging and Untagging?
2. What is he difference for this??
3. Any Examples ???

Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Tagging & Untagg


Tagging/Untagging is not HP terms, its the Standards for 802.1q protocol (tagging protocol).

In Networking life, Tagging is allowing 802.1Q encapsulation to be carried over a link.
and Untagging is the normal operation mode of a single port by default.

-If you have multiple Vlans and multiple switches, and you want to let Vlan traffic to pass all switches, then links between switches should be tagged for all vlans.
-A port connect to a PC should be untagged, because the PC will not understands the 802.1q (except in specail cases).

Check this:

Good Luck !!!
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Navaneeda Kumar
Frequent Advisor

Re: Tagging & Untagg

Thanks For the good information.

Occasional Visitor

Re: Tagging & Untagg

Ok Mohiedding, what you said is right. But, what do you say about it an untagged port with a PVID ?
We were configuring a HP switch here and we were able to configure a port as a untagged one with a PVID 201.

How is that possible and what is the meaning of it?

I will look into your link right now. Thanks...