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Tagging issue in 5412zl


Tagging issue in 5412zl


we am facing a issue in 5412zl.

we have esx server(VM server),we have created 2 vm with different ip's subnet range.

from my ESX server a single uplink is connected to my 5412 switch port.this port is tagged so both the IP subnet which is in ESX sholud communicate.

i have created two vlan in 5412zl for the ip subnet,the server gateway is vlan ip address.

but when i tagged this port i am not able to access the server.
can any one pls tell me wht will be the issue.

need suggestion on this
Jaap Laaij
Frequent Advisor

Re: Tagging issue in 5412zl

If I understand correctly:

- One physical IC in the server over which run 2 subnets

Is the physical NIC configured to tag both Vlans from the VMware server?

Does the switch have an seperate ip address for both Vlans?

Both Vlans/subnets have the respective ip adress of the switch vlan ip addres?