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Teamed nics on 2 stacked 2810 (trunk)

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Ernie Veder
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Teamed nics on 2 stacked 2810 (trunk)


We have a couple of linux servers that we want to interconnect using switches. We need 3 VLANs of which only the production VLAN needs redundancy and load balancing. And it should easily be expandable with more servers.

Our proposed setup contains of 2 stacked ProCurve 2810-24G (stacked using 2 mini-GBICs on each 2810). Each server has 1 teamed pair of nics with one nic going to switch-1 and the other to switch-2. These 2 ports should be trunked. This should be the default VLAN. Next to that each server connects 2 more nics for both other VLANs (1 per VLAN, no specialities here).

My question is if this is going to work and if this is matching our needs? Can ports on 2 stacked 2810 be configured as trunked ports to serve a teamed set of nics for load balancing and redundancy? From the specs it is clear to me that the 2810 can handle trunking, but does it apply also to stacked switches?

And is our proposed setup a proper way to achieve our goals?

Thanks for listening and feedback,

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Re: Teamed nics on 2 stacked 2810 (trunk)

im not quiet sure, but i would guess, since it is just a virtual stack whitch means management of all switches with one IP, it doesn't work.
i have heard that for the 5400 and 3500 series there will be this feature with firmware K.14.xx. don't know for the other switch series.

Re: Teamed nics on 2 stacked 2810 (trunk)

This will not be possible at this time.

But there is a feature planned for K platform switches.
Ernie Veder
Occasional Visitor

Re: Teamed nics on 2 stacked 2810 (trunk)

So if I read this correct this means that currently HP cannot provide this, but will do so in (near) future in higher switch series?

Should I shop with Cisco then? Do you guys have any idea which Cisco series is supporting this?
I do feel my budget evaporating here. Any other way to achieve my goals?

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Re: Teamed nics on 2 stacked 2810 (trunk)

Hi Ernie,

There are couple of product lines in the market which support trunking across switches in the stack configuration - Nortel, Juniper, and may be cisco through etherchannel and PVST+. Cheapest one, I think, would be Nortel, but if cost is not the concern, you should go for Juniper because their 4200 series switch offers integrated dual field replaceable power supplies, and 10G uplink options etc.
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Re: Teamed nics on 2 stacked 2810 (trunk)


Cisco does have an offering in their 3750 series stackable switches. You are able to stack up to 9 switches together and have them operate as one fabric. They have a technology referred to as StackWise that provides a 32GB backplane between the switches. If you were to purchase the 3750-E series you can actually achieve > 64GB of throughput utilizing StackWise Plus. We use a pair of these as well as a remote power supply just in case. They work very well.