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Teaming NC7131 NICs on a DL380-G2 with Win2K3

Cirilo Rosado
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Teaming NC7131 NICs on a DL380-G2 with Win2K3

I have two DL380-G2 servers running Windows 2K3 Std O/S. They have the latest Microsoft patches & updates and the latest HP BIOS, Firmware, & Drivers available on the HP site as of today. I can successfully TEAM the embedded NC3163 NICs, and the Virtual NIC shows up as 200MB. The Teaming works fine on BOTH servers.
Yet, when I install the two NC7131 (Gigabit) NICs, the second one on BOTH servers keeps saying that the "cable is disconnected", though they intermittently do connect and the Vitual NIC indicates 2GB for the few seconds.
I am not aware of any other special configuration for these cards. We have 44 other DL380's that are teamed without any problem. Please note, they are all G3's and G4's. They only ones that do not work are our only G2's. Thanks
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Re: Teaming NC7131 NICs on a DL380-G2 with Win2K3

Hi Cirilo,

Are their any related error messages in the event logs?

What kind of switch (including FW version) are you connected to?

Also, what teaming mode are you using? I assume 802.3ad?

Here is a Customer Service Advisory that sounds similar to your issue. It referres to Win2K, not Win2K3, so I doubt it is your issue, but it may help shed some light on the subject.


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