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This is as good as it gets

Udi Karni
Occasional Advisor

This is as good as it gets


Upgrading to Windows 2008 gets us to 5Gbit with the 10Gbit card on an X4 slot, and 6Gbit on an X8 slot.

This is with a real-life application (Oracle). Maybe synthetically you can squeeze another 1 Gbit. Same for Linux.

From what I've been able to gather - though a 10Gbit card can theoretically push 1250 Mbyte/sec in the lab, on an actual server running a lean C++ TCP exchange you can only go up to 900 Mbyte/sec, and with an actual application 500-600-700 Mbyte/sec is about as high as you can expect out of 10Gbit today.

When the G7s and new OS releases come out - we'll try again.

Thanks for your help.