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Top of Rack Switches

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Top of Rack Switches


We are in a process of changing our datacenter infraestructure and we need to select the best Top of rack switch for our scenario.


We need a top of rack switch that provide between 6 and 10 10GB ports & minimum of 24 1GB ports.


Whish switch has this ability our days?


Thank you.

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Re: Top of Rack Switches

You could try the 5700-32XGT-8XG-2QSFP+


32 1G/10G copper ports

8    10G SFP+ ports

2    40G ports


But really, it's not very flexible, and 8 10G ports isn't really enough.


Better to buy a 5700-40XG and some copper SFPs to cover your copper connections, which you can remove and throw away as your servers gradually move away from using 1Gb connections.



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Re: Top of Rack Switches



You can opt for the 5900 switch model.





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Re: Top of Rack Switches

Priyansha, the 5900 isn't a model, it's a series - the OP wanted a switch with 6-10x 10Mb and 24x 1Gb ports.


Which model from the 5900 series offers this combination?