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TopTools - alternatives

Gunnar Eskilsson
Occasional Visitor

TopTools - alternatives

cant get it working after 4 reinstallations - grrr

Pity it is continued
It was good on my old server...

NT2000pro with all the service packs 5.00.2195 sp3

the only thing localized is the keyboard (swedish)

are there any alternatives? preferably to run on linux

I feel that HP OpenView is a bit over kill...

also I am looking for a mac reaper, I have 75 procurve switches and every now and then a customer makes a wrong configuration, most oftenly an accident...

however, I can quickly find the misconfigured mac address , but it??s hell to keep track on which port its located, does anyone have any good scripts or other tips

I´ll save that for a rainy day - and put the ice cream in the desk...
Arimo Laine_2
Valued Contributor

Re: TopTools - alternatives


First of all:

"Toptools 5.6 can be installed on either an HP Netserver, Vectra PC, Kayak PC Workstation, Omnibook, Visualize PC, or Workstation PC. Whichever system is used, it must be running one of the following operating systems:

Windows NT 4.0 Workstation or 4.0 Server with SP5 or SP6a
Windows 2000 or Windows 2000 SP1 or SP2"

This info is found on TT FAQ. Check out page www.hp.com/toptools, under technical support.

If you don't find help for the installation there, how precisely does the installation fail?


Louis Goeppinger
Honored Contributor

Re: TopTools - alternatives

Hi Gunnar,

When Toptools Device Manager is being installed on a non-English operating system, there can be issues. Were the instructions followed for installing on a non-English OS? This can be found at: http://www.hp.com/ , go to Toptools legacy support, frequently asked questions, look for FAQ titled: 'Can Toptools 5.6 be Installed on a System With a Non-English Operating System?'
For more help on the Toptools installation, it would be better to ask that question on the Toptools forum site. From the forum home page, look for 'Management Software' and 'Toptools'

In Toptools, there is a node port table that gives you the device name or IP address for each port on each of the HP switches that has been discovered. I do not know if this is the data you need for the mac addresses.