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TopTools and some switches

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TopTools and some switches

Hi everybody !

I have VERY some strange problem (like some VOODOO).

Last time I found that I can't add some of my switches to Traffic data collector (I add them to data collector manually against default automatic method). These switches are not only 53xx or 4104 - between them are 8000m. I was compare config files 8000m, who can get your RMON data to TopTools server and who cannot - and saw no difference.The same with other types of switches .

SNMP community name are "public" on all devices and IP monitoring server set to all switches .

Help me,please .What must I do ?
Frank Wood (Procurve)
Occasional Visitor

Re: TopTools and some switches

Hello Andrew,

Please clarify the problem.

You have different types of switchs (53xx, 4014 and 8000m) that are not automatically collecting traffic data?

However, when you manually configure them (Manual sampling?) you do get data?

This is not TopTools but ProCurve Managaer, correct?