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Traffic Data Collector and 2600 switch


Traffic Data Collector and 2600 switch


I have a customer who has a lot of 2600 switches in his network. They all have latest software release H.08.106. From two (2) of his 2600 switches he recives the following log message in PCM+

"Device of network address on segment '' supports version 0 of the Extended RMON MIB, which is incompatible with this revision of Traffic Data Collector software." is the IP adress of one of the two 2600 switches. None of the other 2600 switches report this error message. Has anyone seen this error message and can help me with this?
Steve Britt
Respected Contributor

Re: Traffic Data Collector and 2600 switch

Hi Stefan,

PCM+ issues this message when it has been asked to collect sampled traffic data from a device, and finds during its attempt to do so that the device does not offer a sampling MIB version (either sFlow or Extended RMON) that PCM+ supports. In the case of 2600s this is not surprising as they do not support sampling at all; the only traffic data collection that is possible from these devices is statistics data collection.

As to how this could occur, somehow the database has gotten into a state in which it has marked these devices as not only capable of sampling but also has indicated that the customer has requested that sampled traffic data be collected from them. The traffic data collector, trusting soul that it is, is simply reading the database tables and acting accordingly. The tables should not be in such a state - I'd be curious to know whether when the user configures traffic monitoring on the devices he is presented with the option of gathering sample data from them, as this would indicate a different set of potential suspects than if the configuration offers only statistics polling as a choice (but sampling is nonetheless indicated in the database) - and so the question is what we can do to get the database out of this state. The first line of defense would be to ask the customer to delete the problematic devices from his PCM+ database and rediscover them in an attempt to repopulate the applicable database tables correctly for these devices. If that doesn't work there are some other things he can try, but I suggest contacting HP support for guidance in venturing down that path.



Re: Traffic Data Collector and 2600 switch

Hi Steve

Thank you for your answer, that clears everything for me.

I will delete those 2600 switches from PCM database and rediscover them again to see if PCM stops requesting this services. I will let you know the result of this action.

Kind Regards Stefan Claesson

Re: Traffic Data Collector and 2600 switch

Hi again Steve

I did as you said, removed the switches from database and rediscovered them again. Then the error messages disappeared.

Thank you for your help, it was very effectful.

Kind regards, Stefan

Re: Traffic Data Collector and 2600 switch

Case closed