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Trafficd error 997


Trafficd error 997

I'm getting the following error in the Event Viewer on the server where I run PCM+:

The description for event ID (0) in Source (Trafficd) cannot be found.
The local computer may not have the neccessary registry information or message DLL
files to display messages from a remote computer. The following information is part of
the event: Trafficd error 997, no devices were specified in the network topology database for the segments to be monitored with Extended RMON..

(A) I'm not trying to collect any RMON stats.
(B) I get this error everytime I open PCM+ whether I do it locally or remotely.
(C) Server runs VERY SLOWLY after this error. I can reboot and everything is fine until I connect with PCM+ again.

Help me, please! This has been working beautifully for months!

Mohamed Hamedi
Respected Contributor

Re: Trafficd error 997

I believe this is a normal message that occurs when no devices are configured in traffic monitor and can be ignored.

The server speed has nothing to do with that message. This could be another issue. What is the spec of your system?

Re: Trafficd error 997

On further troubleshooting, I find my problems are related to one particular 2524 switch. When I add this switch to the Traffic Devices list, the server slows to a crawl until I remove it from the list AND REBOOT the server.

I've been having all kindsa weird problems with PCM+ ever since I bought and registered it. The 30 day demo worked great, but now that I paid my $1300 it doesn't work most of the time. I think I need to remove and re-install PCM+.

Are there any walkthrough guides for completely removing PCM+? I want all registry entries removed, all databases wiped out, etc. as if it had never been installed. Usually an Uninstall program leaves settings all over the machine, I want to make sure I start over completely clean.
Mohamed Hamedi
Respected Contributor

Re: Trafficd error 997

I would suggest you call support and submit a ticket to see your 2524 issue is not just isolated to you.

Re: Trafficd error 997

Well, I did have 12 other 2524s that worked fine. And 2 of 5308s and 1 of 4104.

Turns out a reload was just what I needed (or at least it looks great at this moment...).

The initial 30 day trial for PCM+ worked great, but due to the incredible efficiency of my purchasing department I didn't get it purchased until after the trial had expired. It never really worked right after I put in the registration numbers.

Originally I used the downloadable version. On this install, I used the media sent with the purchase. There are some very slight differences, even though they both claim to be V. A.01.09.

I had some fun re-registering my copy of PCM+, please see my newest post.