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Translator Failed on HP5300?

Regnar Bang Lyngsø_2
Frequent Advisor

Translator Failed on HP5300?

Anyone seen this before?

Switch# sh run

Running configuration:

Translator failed.

Running E10.67.

Same thing happened on another HP5300 switch one month ago. Trying to export to TFTP is producing the same result (a file on the TFTP server containing the text "Translator failed.")

It would be nice to know the cause. For now I will await the next service window and do a firmware upgrade/power cycle - but it would be nice to know:

* the reason
* if it is fixed in a newer firmware
* if I risk breaking anything by changing configuration while the switch is in this state

Memory Free: 7,052,984
Buffers Free: 606
Up time: 311 days

Shonda Burnett
Occasional Visitor

Re: Translator Failed on HP5300?

Did you get a resolution for the 'Translator failed' message on your HP5300? We have seen the same thing on several of our 5412zl switches (K.13.58).

Has anyone else seen this problem? Explanations? Suggestions? We are in a bind..

What we are experiencing:
* SSH connection not responding
* Config not present (via console connection)
* SNMP is okay
* A 'show config file configX' from the console will cause the switch to reboot with no config at bootup.

Regnar Bang Lyngsø_2
Frequent Advisor

Re: Translator Failed on HP5300?

Actually we did not fix it. Procurve support suggested a firmware upgrade. Latest firmware at that time had some other issues (100BaseFX links) - so we stayed on the older firmware version and did a workaround. The switches were doing routing - we have offloaded OSPF/routing to a number Cat 3560s and haven't seen the problem since on the HP5300s.