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Trouble Trunking Ports (particularly with vSphere)

Chris Augustine
Occasional Contributor

Trouble Trunking Ports (particularly with vSphere)

Hello all...

I have a strange problem I was wondering if anyone here would be kind enough to help me through.

First of all, let me say that this was all working until our stupid var came in to setup the new wireless controller card and screwed things up...

Anyway, a brief explanation. Our core is an 8212. Everything I am about to mention is connected to the core. Also, there are many vlans. The vlan I am in is vlan 90. Our vsphere environment is connected to the core, also in vlan 90. Our NetApp storage has a couple vifs, one in vlan 90, and one in vlan 101. vlan 101 is for NFS storage traffic. On the switch side, there WERE 10 trunks, each trunk containing 2 ports either from esx hosts or NetApp SAN. There are two trunks (4 NICs) for storage and four trunks (8 NICs)for each esx host (host a and b) = 10 trunks total.

Again, everything WAS working fine for over a month. NOW, there are 7 trunks.
The original 2 for storage are still there and still working... OK... Host A "magically" lost 3 of the 4 trunks. The only trunk remaining is the one that is the NFS storage NICs on the ESX side for host A...That's OK... Host B has 3 of it's 4 trunks remaining, yet NONE of them work...

As an example, Two NICs from ESX B are Teamed on the ESX side (IP Hash) and plugged into any two ports in vlan 90... I can ping the address... I now trunk the two ports on the switch side, again put the trunk in vlan 90... I get nothing.

I am at a loss here. I am not a networking guy, I am more storage and virtual guy, but I know enough to get by. Any suggestions are welcome as I need to fix this because our var is useless. Trunking is a very easy thing, I don't understand what is wrong. Also, I think the var said he accidentally put the wireless controller card in the wrong vlan and all our access points went down and it killed all our wireless. After this, everything went to hell in a handbasket. Any thoughts...

Thanks Chris
Mohammed Faiz
Honored Contributor

Re: Trouble Trunking Ports (particularly with vSphere)


First off, what's a "var" ? :)
What type of trunks are you using (static or LACP)?
Could you post up the config on your 8212 as well?
Chris Augustine
Occasional Contributor

Re: Trouble Trunking Ports (particularly with vSphere)

Thanks for responding. Sorry I got to this so late.

First, var stands for Value Added Resource. Basically, a consultant.

Secondly, they are static trunks.

Lastly, I was able to get this working by disabling all the ports I was trunking, deleting all the trunking info in the config, recreating it, and re-enabling the ports.

I'm not sure what happened, but it's fixed