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Troubleshooting RSTP 2610al switch

Fred Blum
Regular Advisor

Troubleshooting RSTP 2610al switch

I am trying to figure out if my P4300 SAN networking best practice is working as intended as I am seeing low transfer speeds when I enable network Raid 10 on the SAN. Jumbo, flowcontrol, 4 port static trunk Trk1, LACP enabled on the switches, same region, RSTP-operation forced.

The switch port counters showed mostly zero errors and only a few drops below HP's rule of thumb 1 in 5000.
Flow control on switch 1 on the trunk port 21-24 showed off, while on on switch 2. Added ports 16-20 to Trk1 and removed the dual personality ports 21-24. Now shows flow control On on both trunks on both switches.

show spanning-tree debug-counters shows only the following values:
Topology changes detected 2
Topology changes Tx 2
Topology changes Rx 4
RST BPDUs Tx 438455
RST BPDUs Rx 146151

I am not sure how to interpret these values. Seems everything is working as intended?