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Re: Trunk cannot be configured if routing is enabled


Trunk cannot be configured if routing is enabled

I am trying to create a static trunk between a 5412zl and a 4108gl. The 5412 is fine but when I try to set up the trunk (Tr1) on the 4108 I get the message "Trunk cannot be configured if routing is enabled." I have tried disabling the ports before setting up the trunk but the same happens. Can anyone advise me on the best way to set up trunks. Also can the 4108 handle trunks using ports on seperate modules for fault tolerance?

I thought basic routing was enabled by default? If it does need to be disabled how would you get on if the 4108 was your core switch and you needed to route vlans. Until two months ago the 4108 was my core switch.

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Re: Trunk cannot be configured if routing is enabled

resolve issue with G.07.74 software
update your switch

Release G.07.74
Problems Resolved in Release G.07.74
â   Routing/Trunks (PR_1000278860) â When routing and trunking are both enabled, under
some conditions the Switch may incorrectly flood routed traffic.
The CLI will now disallow the creation of a trunk group to be used as a routed interface. Any
existing configuration will be flagged in the error log, but will still remain as configured
(routed trunk), noting this issue.

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Re: Trunk cannot be configured if routing is enabled

It's a limitation of the 41xx series.
You cant use ip routing and trunking on the switch at the same time since this might cause the above mentioned issues.
Either downgrade to a firmware below G.07.74, setup the trunk and then upgrade the firmware again (and live with the bugs) or disable ip routing on the 4108.

Afaik it's possible to set up trunks spanning different modules but thanks to this bug I cant use them or verify this. Just keep in mind that each module only has a 2Gbit/s connection to the backplane so if your traffic isnt mainly intra-module you wont benefit from trunking a lot of gbit links on the same module except of getting more redundancy.

Re: Trunk cannot be configured if routing is enabled

Many Thanks. I have checked the firmware on the 4108 and it is G.07.107. I should be able to remove routing on the 4108 to resolve this problem.

I can only thank my luck that I bought the 5412 when I did as I was planning implementing trunking some time ago when I would have needed both trunking and routing on the 4108.