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Trunk on mini-GBIC ports

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Trunk on mini-GBIC ports

Hi everybody,

I'm using Switch Procurve 2510G with 2 Vlans.

If I configure trunks in RJ-45 ports, all works well.

But now I have to connect 2 switches with more than 100m distance so I have to use mini-GBIC.

I configure mini-GBIC ports as trunk but it doesn't work.

I tryied to connect not trunked mini-GBIC ports and the communication is ok.

Is it possible to use mini-GBIC ports as trunked? How can I configure them?

Thank's a lot!

Fredrik Lönnman
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Re: Trunk on mini-GBIC ports

Yep it should be configured just like any other rj45 port. Can you show us your config?

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MASE Network Infrastructure [2011]

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Re: Trunk on mini-GBIC ports


here the configuration


hostname "Switch_3"
snmp-server location "_"
time timezone 1
trunk 1-2 Trk1 Trunk
trunk 3-4 Trk2 Trunk
trunk 21 Trk3 Trunk
trunk 22 Trk4 Trunk
trunk 23 Trk5 Trunk
trunk 24 Trk6 Trunk
ip default-gateway
snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted
vlan 1
   name "VLAN_1"
   untagged 5-15
   ip address
   tagged Trk1-Trk6
   no untagged 16-20
vlan 2
   name "VLAN_2"
   untagged 16-20
   no ip address
   tagged Trk1-Trk6

no stack
spanning-tree Trk1 priority 4
spanning-tree Trk2 priority 4
spanning-tree Trk3 priority 4
spanning-tree Trk4 priority 4
spanning-tree Trk5 priority 4
spanning-tree Trk6 priority 4


I've the same configuration on both switches.

I tryied to connect the same port (23) on both switch but it doesn't work.

After that I deleted Trk3 to Trk6, I assigned them to VLan 1 and the connection works, but i can't send VLan2 packets...