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Trunking HP 1800 to HP 2824


Trunking HP 1800 to HP 2824


I have tree HP 2824 how I have trunk like this.

Main SW1 Port1-2 Trk1 to Client SW1 Port1-2 Trk1.
Main SW1 Port3-4 Trk2 to Client SW2 Port1-2 Trk2.
Main SW1 Port5-6 Trk3 to Client SW3 Port1-2 Trk3.

This configuration is OK.

Now I what to trunk a HP 1800 switch.
I have try trunk Port 1-3 on HP 1800 as trunk T4 to port 7-8 port on HP 2824 as trunk Trk4.

I can not get this new configuration to work.