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Trunking issue

Con Prountzos
Occasional Visitor

Trunking issue

Hi there,
Recently we replaced a few modules as we have had a few faulty ones.
When replaced all ports included in our trunks came up bar 1. It is going from the correct port on the 5308 to the correct port on the 3448. We have changed cables and confirmed that speeds were the same but it doesnt want to be "up" the green light on the core switch, the 3448 once plugged in comes up for a second and then the port shuts down. No configuration changes have been made so this is quite puzzling. Any troubleshooting idea you guys can throw me please.

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Trunking issue

Hi Con,

With one of the ports in the trunk that is up, can you disconnect that and try it in the port won't come up? You could do this on both ends to hopefully identify exactly which port it is that doesn't want to play.

Other than that, there shouldn't be too many tricks to it really. Is there anything in the switch event log that gives you any clues?