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Re: UDLD on trunk

Marco Albertini

UDLD on trunk

Hi all,

when i try to enable UDLD on a port that is part of a Trunk i get the following warning:

"udld: Possible configuration problem detected on port E1.UDLD VLAN configuration does not match port's VLAN configuration."

But VLAN configuration seem so be OK :

sh trunk

Load Balancing

Port | Name Type | Group Type
---- + -------------------------------- --------- + ----- -----
E1 | 1000LX | Trk1 Trunk
F1 | 1000LX | Trk1 Trunk

sh vlan port Trk1

Status and Counters - VLAN Information - for ports Trk1

VLAN ID Name | Status Voice Jumbo
------- -------------------- + ---------- ----- -----
1 DEFAULT_VLAN | Port-based No No
5 VoIP_VLAN | Port-based Yes No
200 Link200 | Port-based No No
202 Link202 | Port-based No No
206 Link206 | Port-based No No
211 Link211 | Port-based No No
214 Link214 | Port-based No No

sh vlan 1

Status and Counters - VLAN Information - VLAN 1

Status : Port-based
Voice : No
Jumbo : No

Port Information Mode Unknown VLAN Status
---------------- -------- ------------ ----------
Trk1 Untagged Learn Up

sh link-keepalive

Total link-keepalive enabled ports: 1
Keepalive Retries: 4
Keepalive Interval: 5 sec

Physical Keepalive Adjacent UDLD
Port Enabled Status Status Switch VLAN
----- ------- ---------------- --------- ------------- ----------
E1 Yes up up 0019bb-081400 untagged

The following are the Switch I manage:

Procurve 5406 firmware 13.49
Procurve 8212 firmware 13.45

Respected Contributor

Re: UDLD on trunk

You can check this document

There you will find the way to configure UDLD on Trunk ports and group.

Islam Hassan
Marco Albertini

Re: UDLD on trunk

The configuration was made by following that manual. And according to the same manual, the warning:
"Possible configuration problem detected on port xx. UDLD VLAN configuration does not match the port's VLAN configuration."

has the following mening:

"You have attempted to enable UDLD on a port that is a tagged only port, but did not specify a configuration for tagged UDLD control packets. In this example, the switch will send and receive the UDLD control packets untagged despite issuing this warning"

As you can see on my first post, trunk ports are part of both tagged and untagged ports, then they are not "tagged only ports".
Am I missing something ?

That warning is confusing me........