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UMB upper limit

Occasional Contributor

UMB upper limit

COmpaq presario 12XL125 ( Bios version 0F20 ) had got a messages " UMB upper limit address EC19 " at the boot up stage and Harddisk can't detect from bios setting .

I try to reset bios via remove/replace RTC battery that Bios can recognize Harddisk . But after power-off and On again the error is coming up
I'm not sure that this is a h/w or bios s/w problem
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: UMB upper limit

The UMB message is normal. You just don't normally see it. Can you get into the BIOS setup? F10 on most Compaqs. I have had some success with telling it that it had no drive then save and exit and then returning to setup and telling it that it has a drive after all. If it detects it correctly then Save and Exit.

I expect your drive has died or if the above helps is dying. If you know who makes your harddisk then you can usually get a drive test program that runs on a floppy from the maker's website. But if you do get it running best to copy everything that you want to save a CD or floppy or upload it to a website.