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( URGENT ) Vlan restrictions on procurve 4104GL

Valued Contributor

( URGENT ) Vlan restrictions on procurve 4104GL

hi all,
I'm configuring a procurve 4104gl for my lan. i already created 6 vlans activated ip routing and all Vlans tolk to eatch others.
problem is that a have 2 Vlans that chould not communicate whith the others (but one) and a faund no way to configure it in that whay. is it possible to do such confiuration on the 4104GL and how ?
NB: I allready did in 5300xl whith the filter command.
best reagrds
Trusted Contributor

Re: ( URGENT ) Vlan restrictions on procurve 4104GL

Hi Chrif,

No, there are no such commands like on the 53XX (Source Port Filtering or ACL) that can limit communication between two distinct VLANs on the 41XX Switches. There is only one way on the 41XX IP Address on the VLANs. I know, bad answer but thats the way it is.

Regards, Ardon
ProCurve Networking Engineer