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I do want solution to this. I am having a username/logging problem on a modular access router 1760 after the installation of SDM.
Let somebody help out. I have install SDM, changed the Username to Administrator and the password set also. Logging in at the username/Password, the router was gave invalid logging

How do I disable this password for me to have access to the router for futher configuration that.

If is so, should I use the default cisco/cisco
default Username and Passw

Will appreciate your quickest responses
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Purchase HP PROCURVE, that's my quickest sollution.
Ernest Ford
Trusted Contributor


I've been wondering for some time why you're looking for help with Cisco product in a HP forum, and I note also, that despite the apparent urgency of the need to have the router/firewall installed, you apparently haven't done the logical thing and called Cisco TAC.

The procedure for resetting the password on a Cisco IOS router is well documented and unless I'm very much mistaken, the documentation is on the CD that shipped with the router. I'm not going to tell you how to break into the router and I'm not going to link to the documentation that shows you how - however, I will tell you it's available for download on the Cisco site.

Taking what you've posted at face value, and ignoring the suspicion that you may be attempting to get into a router that you're not authorized to have access to, it is apparent that you're in over your head on this project and I STRONGLY urge you to seek professional assistance.


Dear Earnest

I asked earnestly for solution in this forum because of
1) The solution driven responses I have been getting all these while. Many atimes, the responses may not address what I want to achieve, but it has helped shed more light on what is expected of me and how to
glean out of various ideas sent form buddies.

However, I am not trying to access remote or a router that those not belong to me. I am in charge fully. I take my company's property as if its mine and as such protect its interest . It not as if I have not check out to see other documentation. This is basically the first time I will be handling a router to be deployed.

What lead to my downtown search was because I was getting what is not explicitly stated in those manuals one of which is the rommon 2> prompt. I was getting the rommon 1> prompt contrary to the documentation.
Secondly, I am expected to have the configuration register defined as 0x0, after the processor board system flash partiton 1(Read/Write)but I am not getting the config register. In the light of these, I took time out to ask questions around, hence my reccurent post to the forum.

I do appreciate your blunt and heart seacrhing response. You are actually writing a noble and honest personality whose heart beats with integrity.

I have attached the sample copy of what I am getting in other to get the config reg and the prompt pressing CRTL Break.

Warmest regards
Ernest Ford
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One of my concerns, that I don't think you have recognized is that firewall configuration is not a task to be taken lightly and it is obvious that you lack the experience.

Remember your network is only going to be as secure as your firewall and that is going to be determined by your efforts at configuration - in my opinion - really not a place to learn by trial and error.

Have you given any thought to "penetration testing" - testing to determine if the installed firewall actually keeps intruders out?