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Undersized/ giant packets


Undersized/ giant packets

I have a lot of errors in the events page of my procurve (2610) software "Too many Undersized/Giant Packets on port" The port is connected to a printer. The port type is 10/100TX, config mode set to Auto.
Please advise the impact of this error to our network. Does it mean that these undersized/giant packets are dropped? What is the correction?


Re: Undersized/ giant packets

Whenever I have experienced this error message on my HP ProCurves it has always been a duplex mismatch. Some devices don't auto-negotiate well, and when Auto-negotiate goes upside down it is usually broken.

What I do to fix this is research the device and see what its capabilities are. Then I will set it for the best results usually this is 100 mbs and full duplex. I then set the port manually to 100mbs/full duplex and this usually works. We do have a couple of legacy devices that operate on 10mbs/full duplex, but they are few and far between now.

The other thing this can be caused by is turning on Jumbo packets, but unless you did this it is probably the auto-negotiate problem.