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Unmanage able switches


Unmanage able switches

I have a LAN connected to our WAN that consists of 4 procurve switches, they all have STP enabled. Two of them are PoE switches.


The default gateway to our head office is connected to the 1600. I am also based in our head office, which is where I am monitoring from.

For some reason, both PoE switches stopped responding to polling by either ICMP ping or SNMP. I cannot telnet directly to them either.

I had someone on site hard reboot and they came back for about 20 min then did the same thing.

The really strange this I can ping and telnet to them from the working switches on the LAN.

Once in a telnet session I cannot ping the site default gateway, and can only ping the switch it is directly connected to.

There is nothing sinister in event log for either.

Any ideas?

Re: Unmanage able switches

pls delete