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Unmanaglebale switches at LAN site


Unmanaglebale switches at LAN site

I have a LAN connected to our WAN that consists of 4 procurve switches, they all have STP enabled. Two of them are PoE switches.


The default gateway to our head office is connected to the 1600. I am also based in our head office, which is where I am monitoring from.

For some reason, both PoE switches stopped responding to polling by either ICMP ping or SNMP. I cannot telnet directly to them either.

I had someone on site hard reboot and they came back for about 20 min then did the same thing.

The really strange this I can ping and telnet to them from the working switches on the LAN.

Once in a telnet session I cannot ping the site default gateway, and can only ping the switch it is directly connected to.

There is nothing sinister in event log for either.

Any ideas?
cenk sasmaztin
Honored Contributor

Re: Unmanaglebale switches at LAN site

please check ip defaut gateway switches

for example

use sh run commad

you can see ip default gateway address
ip default-gateway

if cannot see ip defaut gateway address
you can must be assign ip default gateway

(config)# ip default-gateway (router lan interface address)


Re: Unmanaglebale switches at LAN site

I have already checked the default gateway. That is what the symptoms suggest is wrong, i know. Have even tried taking it out and re-applying.

Still cannot ping the default gateway from the problem switches.

Have now noticed this same problem on two more switches at two other LAN sites. All similar model.

Looking through our logs i've noticed this problem started, in all cases, shortly after I upgraded to the latest firmware - H.10.67

Think I will use TFTP locally to downgrade firmware and see if this helps.

Will update on here once done.

Re: Unmanaglebale switches at LAN site

Have downgraded firmware form H.10.67 to H.10.50.

This seems to have cleared the issue. HP had not heard of this so have sent them sho tec all of before and after, attached here also.

I noticed also this only effected 26xx PoE models, non-powered seem ok with latest firmware.