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Update Switch firmware with PM 3.0

stefano colombo_1
Super Advisor

Update Switch firmware with PM 3.0

I'm using Procurve manager 3.0 ( I'm new on that ) and trying to figure out how to update the firmware of some 4208 switches.

I've downloaded the firmware update from the site and unzipped .I got the .swi file .
However I don't know how to put it in order to be able to select it when using the software update wizard.

If I select the switch and right-click on it and select software update I got the option to update the switch to a release which is 10.28 ( I don't know where PM gets it ) but cannot "brose" for a folder where I have the latest ( 11.20 )
Frequent Advisor

Re: Update Switch firmware with PM 3.0

Hello Stefano,
the old firmware version is from the first time creation of the PCM. If you want to use the PCM for updates you must enable this at the PCM. Then the manager downloads the newest software from HP sites by itself.
Then you can use the update feature.

Be carefull when you do this. After a update the switch restarts. When you do so by many switches and one is behind an other you can kill the update.