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Updating Firmware on Compaq Console Switches

Reza Keikha
Occasional Visitor

Updating Firmware on Compaq Console Switches

Hi Guys,

The unit in question is a Series 4115 Compaq Console Switch KVM. Replacement Part# 242696-001.

Every Firmware update I have found on the HP website states in the README file that in order to update the firmware, I should connect the serial port from my PC to the one on the KVM.

This model has no serial port. Only the 4 sets of K/V/M ins, the one set out, and an RJ-45 plug. I thought perhaps the RJ-45 was what I needed to connect through, but as soon as I plug it into a port on my office switch, the monitor goes blank and the KVM stops responding.

Could someone please assist me in figuring out how to upgrade the firmware on this model KVM?

In case you are wondering, the reason I am trying to resolve this issue, is because the KVM does not seem to recognise any additional buttons or functions on my mouse besides buttons 1 & 2. The scroll wheel and all other functions do not work.

Ludvig Petersen
Occasional Visitor

Re: Updating Firmware on Compaq Console Switches

Dear R.

We have exactly the same problem with the same model.

Have you had a reply about the subject?, if you do, please help us :-)


Reza Keikha
Occasional Visitor

Re: Updating Firmware on Compaq Console Switches

Hi L,

Okay my progress so far:

I spent ages trying to find something on the HP or Compaq related sites, but with no luck.

I then thought, well maybe like most Compaq and HP products, this one is actually a different brand which has been rebadged to Compaq.

Success, I think!

I found out that the console is based on the EL-40DT model designed by APEX. I did all my searches again, but this time concentrated on this model name instead. It turns out that there is no way that WE can really flash the firmware. What we need to do is order an upgrade to the firmware from them and they will send us a replacement EPROM chip which we install in our KVM to upgrade its' firmware.

I emailed them about the upgrade, and they forwarded my email to the Australian division where I am. They replied very quickly and were very helpful. The Australian guys informed me it would cost approximately $90 Australian for the chip, but told me that depending on what I really expect, it may not be worth it.

I think it was very decent of them to say something that honest, and not just try to sell me the EPROM chip.

Anyways, I'm going to reply to them now and tell them that it is in fact for a Compaq branded unit, and see what they say.

If you would like to visit their site for further information, it is www.avocent.com

I hope this is helpful to you my friend. Good luck with your enquiry.

Regular Advisor

Re: Updating Firmware on Compaq Console Switches

Hi everybody...

Does anyone know where can I get the firmware for the compaq console switch?

I'm looking for it both on hp and compaq site but....nohing...I'm no able to find it!!!

I need to upgrade because I have to put the switch cascading with ah HP kvm switch....

thanks in advance...