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Upgrading a 8212

Luke Cameron
Occasional Advisor

Upgrading a 8212

Hi All,
I have two 8212 switches running core of the network, noticed the firmware is getting old on them and there is some new stuff and fixs I would like to get down while I have time.

Problem comes is I have two management cards, I remember when I installed them, some one said they need updating singly by taking one out of standby and putting the other in.

But can't remember for the life on me, can any one advise on this?

Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrading a 8212

Here's one way to do all that:

1) upgrade the "other" flash position on the active mgmt card than what is currently running, do a 'show flash' and that will indicate which flash the mgmt card booted from.

2) so, let's say the "primary" flash booted, you upgrade the "secondary" flash. 'copy tftp flash secondary'

3) after the file uploads, it will auto-sync the secondary flash on the standby mgmt card. give it a few minutes.

4) console to the stby mgmt card, do 'sh flash' to see if it has indeed sync'd.

5) back on the active mgmt card, you can simply reboot the switch now by 'boot system flash secondary'. this will incur a 5min outage and boot to the new image.

6) after you have run the new code for a bit and are happy with it, you then update the "primary" flash by 'copy flash flash primary'.

There is another way to minimize the downtime req'd (after u/l the new flash image) by rebooting the stby card to the new flash, sync the next reboot to secondary flash, then reload the entire switch, that reduces the outage to appx 45sec. a little more tricky, but can be done :-)

Note - any changes made on the active mgmt card to config or flash are auto-sync'd to the stby mgmt card.


ps, do not remove any mgmt modules, not req'd to do!
Luke Cameron
Occasional Advisor

Re: Upgrading a 8212

Thanks for that, I was sure I read some thing but must of been by a different switch manufacture.

Thanks for the information, thats the way I do it on other switches so I am happy with that.