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Upgrading to 3500yl..

Jon Forna
Occasional Contributor

Upgrading to 3500yl..

Our network consists mostly of 3400's.

I just got a 3500yl

When I "show config" I see most of my configuration as I would expect it, but the config doesn't show the dscp-map as it did on the 3400's. Instead it is only showing one line of the map:

qos dscp-map 101110 priority 6

When I "show qos dscp-map" I can see that all the priority mappings have 'stuck' after reboot, but I'm concerned that I'm missing something. Is this normal behavior?


Re: Upgrading to 3500yl..

Hi Jon,

The configuration should only show commands that are different from the default settings. My suspicion is that if the proper mappings are showing up in the dscp-map, they must have already existed in the default mappings. The qos dscp-map 101110 priority 6 shows up because it is different than what was in the default mappings.