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Using a 3500 as a distribution/core switch

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Using a 3500 as a distribution/core switch

Hi all,

I am looking into purchasing a distribution layer switch later on in the future. I will be using this switch to apply VLAN's access lists and QoS settings.

Currently I am using two ProCurve 2910al's as my access/distribution switches but unfortunately I don't have the ability to apply ACL's and QoS to a specific VLAN.

If I purchase a 24 port 3500 and create my ACL policies and QoS policies then assign them to a VLAN would they propagate to my 2910al switches?

For example say if a user connects to port 20 on the 2910al. Port 20 is assigned to VLAn 20.

On the 3500 I specifically set to deny all traffic and assign it to VLAN 20 and also set a QoS priority of HTTP/HTTPS over any other traffic.

Will these settings get applied to the users that connect to VLAN 20 on the ProCurve 2910als?

Thanks for the responses
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: Using a 3500 as a distribution/core switch

"propagated to the 2910" is not what will happen.
the acl will only work on traffic that passes the 3500.

so local trafic on 2910 within vlan20 won't have QoS set by the 3500's acl.

If the 3500 does the routing to other subnets, that data will be processed by the acl. (even if it goes back to the 2910 on another vlan).
also data passing the 3500 within vlan20 from 2910 to another switch/port in vlan20.

offcourse it will depend on how the acl is set.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Using a 3500 as a distribution/core switch


Using routing on the 3500 will solve the issue here, as it will apply the ACL/QoS that you've defined whenever a traffic pass the 3500 as routing switch.

Good Luck !!!
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