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Occasional Advisor


Hi everybody

i have several VLAN on my network architecture, i manage several network on distant sites connected to my vlan by MPLS.

i'd like to implement ACLs in order to block communication thru the tcp port 445 and 139. from my Vlans to my WAN and vice versa.
But i don't want to filter any communications within my local VLANS.

So i tested my first ACLS on one of my Vlan to prevent such communication to my WAN.

10.33.196.x is a subnet managed by the vlan which i test my ACL
and 10.33.1.x belongs to one of my distant site .

So i named it testacl

ip access-list extended "testprint"
deny tcp eq 445 log
deny tcp eq 139 log
deny tcp eq 445 log
deny tcp eq 139 log
permit ip

then i applied this ACL to my test vlan, i made a vacl

vlan 25 ip access-group testacl vlan

it worked, the communications were not granted over my WAN but worked within my Vlans

and i disabled it

no vlan 25 ip access-group testacl vlan

Then i applied the same ACL but made a RACL

vlan 25 ip access-group testacl in

i had the same effects.

but despite of all the docs i read, i don't quiet understand the main difference between those two ACLs.

what woulb be the best thing to do regarding my case ? VACL RACL ?

can someone light my way ?

thanks very very much

Valued Contributor


>but despite of all the docs i read, i don't
>quiet understand the main difference
>between those two ACLs.

The difference as I understand it is that a VACL is a layer 2 filter and could be applied to any switch regardless if IP routing is enabled, but a RACL works only on Layer 3 with IP routing and applies when traffic is routed from one VLAN to another.
Occasional Advisor


thanks for your answer, it looks obvious like that.

but it remains blur to me