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VLAN 2 VLAN with 2 HP Procurve 4108GL

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VLAN 2 VLAN with 2 HP Procurve 4108GL


not so much experience with VLAN configuration.

How should i configure vlan to vlan with 2 HP Procurve 4108GL, they are linked with 1gb fiber. There is default_vlan in both of the switches in the same subnet and that is working, now i want to make another vlan. The idea of this is that we have backup connection on house 1 and that should be used from the house 2, separated from the defaul_vlan.


Re: VLAN 2 VLAN with 2 HP Procurve 4108GL

If you add another vlan on both switch, just configure the cascading port (which is the 1gb fiber)as tagged vlan to the next vlan that you've created.

Jerome Henry
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Re: VLAN 2 VLAN with 2 HP Procurve 4108GL

To set up a VLAN :
On each, run :
config term
ip routing
router rip
vlan 100 (for example)
untag a1-a24 (for example)
tag b1 (for example)
ip address
vlan 200 (for example)
untag c1-c24 (for example)
tag b1 (for example)
ip address
write mem

Thus, we made a first vlan on a1 to a24, a second vlan on c1 to c24. We then specified that b1 could be part of each vlan. Doing so on each Procurve would result on both having VLAN 100 and 200 not communicating between each other, except through b1. In your case, if you just want to have a port, then you can make a vlan on each switch, and tag as suggested your fiber port to each vlan.

Don't forget that, once you made vlans, you need a router somewhere on the tagged port, if you want VLANS to be able to communicate with each other, as they will be in different subnets...


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