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VLAN/DHCP Question..Please help..Urgent..

Jay Bufi
Occasional Visitor

VLAN/DHCP Question..Please help..Urgent..


This is the scenario.

I have multiple (5 to be exact) public ip address from my ISP. and I want to set it on an HP Procurve 2650 on one native vlan.
(Note: HP 2650 have other vlan [voice/data]).

Can i set dhcp on HP switch? Is it possible when i untagged the switchport on the native vlan that i've created on a switch,and connect a pc on it, can get a public ip? If I patch a pc on other switchports then untagged on the native vlan, will i get the other public ip address?

Thanks in advance. Appreciate your help.

Niels Vejrup Pedersen
Respected Contributor

Re: VLAN/DHCP Question..Please help..Urgent..


If your ISP delivers the ip addresses via DHCP it should be no problem using a VLAN on an existing switch for connecting multiple computers.

Create a new VLAN
Make the ports you need associated untagged members of the VLAN and you are good to go.

Jay Bufi
Occasional Visitor

Re: VLAN/DHCP Question..Please help..Urgent..

Hi Niels,

Thanks for the response.

Unfortunately my ISP doesn't give ip address via DHCP, only static. I have no problem when I assign a static ip address from my ISP on a pc. Internet is up. But for me, assigning a static ip address on a pc is a bit hassle. I just want to connect a cable on a pc and there you go, internet is up using public ip. I'm doing this for our clients in our company.

I'am thinking to build a pc with dhcp server and patch it on the native vlan that I've created, I think it will work, but don't you think it's an extra cost? Do we have a quick install dhcp software and just assign the subnet and network address,then there it is..dhcp is configured.