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VLAN Planning

Kevin Crookes
Occasional Contributor

VLAN Planning

Hi All,

We are in the process of purchasing 3 HP ProCurve 2510G-48 Switches. These will be connected via GBIC's in a hub and spoke configuration.

Switch1 - Being the hub and having all 8 servers connected to it along with Printers and our WatchGuard firewall and the other two switches. All 8 servers are HP Proliant servers with dual nics in them which I'd like to team and configure as needed.

Switch2 and 3 will have PC's, laptops, XDAs connected.

Above is how the hardware is going to be connected.

Here comes the tricky stuff, actually programming the HP Switches to do the above with Server NIC Teaming, and VLAN's.

Server NIC Teaming I know how to configure on the servers but I haven't got a clue how to do it on the HP switches. So any information/guides would be of great help.

VLAN's. My personal thought is that we now have got to a point where we need VLANS because of the size. The only problem with this is I don't know where to start. Our building consists of two floors and all users need access to the same resources as everyone else. Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.