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VLAN Problem about HP ProCurve 2510G-48 Switch

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VLAN Problem about HP ProCurve 2510G-48 Switch

Hi everyone. I am a newcomer to use the HP switch. I am facing some problems about the VLAN configuration. Please provide some suggestions for me about my situation. Thank you very much.



I have only One HP ProCurve 2510G-48 switchs in my office, The switch has Three VLANs on it, they are called "MAIN_OFFICE", "LAB" and "CONF_ROOM". They are not supposed to communicate with each other. The followings are the information.


"MAIN_OFFICE" use port 1-25

"LAB" use port 26-35

"CONF_ROOM". use port 36-40


Moreover, there are some servers and firewall connecting on this switch. Some of them will be used by VLAN "MAIN_OFFICE" only, and some of them are used by all of them. For example:


Server A use port 41 for VLAN "MAIN_OFFICE" only

Server B use port 42 for ALL VLAN

Firewall use port 43 for ALL VLAN


The rest of the ports are left into "DEFAULT_VLAN" for future use.


What I have done is that:

"MAIN_OFFICE" untagged port 1-25,41 + tagged 42-43

"LAB" untagged port 26-35 + tagged 42-43

"Conf_ROOM" untagged port 36-40 + tagged 42-43



1.)The ports in a same VLAN can ping each other---Good

2.)The ports in different VLANs can't ping each other---Good

3.)Server B and Firewall can't connect to any VLAN---Bad


For example I connect a notebook on port 1, and can't ping Server B. For my current conlusion is that when I set any port to be "tagged", it is unable to connect.


Is there any mistakes in my configuration? What actions should I do? Please provide some informations about that. Anyway, thank you spending time to see my case. Thank you very much.

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Re: VLAN Problem about HP ProCurve 2510G-48 Switch

Did you enable the 802.1Q tagging on your Server B ethernet card?

You should set the ethernet card on ServerB  to send out tagged packets, otherwise the switch may not know which VLAN to forward that packet to. For your case, when switch receives a packet from the Server B, switch can not know which VLAN that packet belongs to ( main office? lab? conf room?) if the packets are not marked . The server should mark these packets with the correct 802.1Q tags (also known as VLAN tags, or VID) before sending.