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VLAN Problem

David Haig
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VLAN Problem

I have just set up a pair of Procurve 2610-24 PWR and have had a strange problem. We have 3 VLANS (Primary, Data and Voice) and the addresses on the core Procurve are, & respectively.

We have 4 servers ( - 10)and 2 routers on the first 6 ports which are untagged in the data & voice VL's. There are 20 pcs in the range - 200 untagged in ports 7 - 24 and these now can't see the servers in the first ports. The pcs are fed IP addresses from one of the routers at

Traffic from outside comes in properly through the router on to the server on, but nothing else seems to be working. I can get to the internet through both servers on - 4.

Any ideas what I have done wrong?

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Re: VLAN Problem

Hi David,

Hard to tell what is going on based on the information given but I will give it a go anyway. I would recommend to attach the ProCurve Startup Configs along with a Topology as things are very unclear:

+What is exactly your Core ProCurve? Is that the Router you are referring to with IP and Guess not as you need NAT to get outside so what box is doing the NAT?

+As Clients can not communicate with the Server is assume that the 2610's do NOT have IP Routing enabled as otherwise they would be two directly connected networks.

+Can your Clients get to their Gateway Address?

+6 ports which are untagged in the data & voice VL's???? Which VLANs? Did you check if the VLAN IDs match on both side of the links? Also make sure you are not VLAN Tagging a VLAN on one side and leaving it Untagged at the remote side.

I guess you really need to give more topology and switch configuration information available. Routing is not that hard, just follow the packet starting at the Clients and see beyond which point the Inter-VLAN traffic stops.

ProCurve Networking Engineer
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: VLAN Problem

Ardon is right,
your description is confusing.

plesase post output from the running-config

as for the info given:
first 6 ports which are untagged in the data & voice VL's
this can't be true, it's either untagged in data OR in voice (there can only be ONE untagged vlan!).
>>> 4 servers ( - 10) <<<
=> I assume this must be untagged in the data vlan?

NB! if you use the untagged command at first in the data-vlan and then again in the voice vlan, the first command will automatically be removed from your switches config.
Resulting in only untagged in the voice vlan.
wich won't match the correct ip-subnet, so routing goes wrong.

If this has also occured for the router ports, it would explain a lot!
As both the router and the servers are untagged in the voice vlan, the routers can reach the server, but the workstations can not.
=> put those ports back untagged in the data-vlan!

David Haig
Occasional Visitor

Re: VLAN Problem

Thanks both of you for your replies. Sorry the post was so confusing but I was rather hurried and we needed to get the switches back up and running quickly - so we went back to the factory defaults and at the moment are using just the default_vlan without any tagging etc. I also didn't know about the tagging / untagging quirk - I did see that happen as I was programming the switch but put it down to me.

Sorry I can't send over the appropriate config, but I would appreciate it if you could give me some general pointers on how to set up a voice and data vlan to enable qos on the voice vlan.

Without using any confusing IP addresses, we have 2 2610's - 1 as the 'core' switch and a second 'edge' which is connected via gigabit fibre on port 27. On the core switch the first 6 ports are only for data (servers and routers)but the other 18 will carry both data and voice packets. The edge switch has all 24 ports carrying data and voice.

Mnay thanks for answering my original problem and I hope you can help me get further now things aren't quite so fraught.