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VLAN Procurve 2900 subnet

Michael Finney
Occasional Visitor

VLAN Procurve 2900 subnet

We've just purchased a new Procurve 2900 switch and I was hoping to implement VLANs on it.
I was looking to create a new subnet for each VLAN but i'm unable to route traffic between the subnets. Routing is enabled on the switch (I believe) - The two subnets I would like to route between are and - I should be able to ping between these two subnets if I have PC's plugged directly into the switch ?
Any assistance would be much appreciated.
Jonathan Axford
Trusted Contributor

Re: VLAN Procurve 2900 subnet

Hi Michael,

You should be able to route between VLANs on the 2900.

Have you set up VLAN interfaces on the 2900 as the default gateways for each subnet/VLAN?
In order to communicate with a host in another subnet, each client will need a default gateway, the 2900 switch will act as this.

Are the client machines 'Untagged' members of the correct VLANs?

Send us the config if you like and we will take a quick look,


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