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VLAN Routing 2650 and DCHP Relay

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VLAN Routing 2650 and DCHP Relay


Now the routing between VLANs are correctly setting, the problem was that the default gateway to the principal server to VLAN 11 they weren't config.

All service (Mx,DNS,Proxy)from VLAN 10 are runing ok over my PC in VLAN 11, but only my PC don't get the parameter from DHCP Scope to VLAN 11...and I enablin the DHCP Relay Agent without the Option 82 in my 2650:

DHCP Relay Agent : Enabled
Option 82 : Disabled
Response validation : Disabled
Option 82 handle policy : append
Remote ID : mac

Thanks for all
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: VLAN Routing 2650 and DCHP Relay

Assuming you still have this line added in VLAN 11, it should work straight away as long as you have added a new scope to the DHCP server.

ip helper-address

Sometimes rebooting the switch has helped other people get the dhcp-relay working again.

If you're still not having any luck, can you attach a screenshot of your DHCP scopes that you have configured? (Are you using Windows 2000/2003 DHCP server?)