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VLAN Routing Management VLAN

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VLAN Routing Management VLAN


I am hoping you can help me,

I have recently set up the following infrastructure and have been running into some difficulties with getting the intra vlan routing working the way I want it to.

Layer 3 VLAN routing switch - HP Procurve 6200yl
2 x HP Procurve 2910AL (server switches)
HP P4500 G2 SAN
A VMware infrastructure sits on top of this.

I have created VLAN's for an ISCSI, Production and a DMZ network and tagged these across the switches. Routing works between the switches and the networks are isolated as expected.

The P4500 G2 SAN's do not have a seperate network interface to go onto the management/production network. Routes need to be in place between the iSCSI and Production VLAN's to ensure that we can use the email alerting functionality on the SAN as the source IP address when it sends will be on the iSCSI subnet and theemail server and DNS is located on the Production subnet.

The issue is that I need to be able to route bewteen the Production VLAN and the iSCSI VLAN to get this to work. I also would ideally like to be able to enable the management VLAN on the Production subnet so that I can web access the switches from the main network and utilise Procurve manager to manage all of the companies switch infrastructure from a single management station.

It would seem that I am unable to route between the VLAN which I elect to be the management VLAN, I need to enable the management VLAN so that I can web access the switches from the main network.

The VLAN's I have created which are not enabled as the management VLAN route OK with no issues but as soon as I enable the management VLAN I can no longer route as before on the VLAN enabled for management.

My question is, is there a way around this so that I can ultimately achieve the following goals?

1. Be able to send emails from the P4500 G2 SAN's using the DNS and Email systems on the Production VLAN without loosing connectivty to the switches & procurve manager.

2. Be able to web access the switches if required from the Production VLAN - this can be either by using IP routing or the same IP subnet assigned to that VLAN.

3. Be able to manage all of the switches using Pro Curve Manager

I have attached the config of the core routing switch for you to take a look at.

Any assistance you can provide or another way to get this to work would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks