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VLAN Routing on ProCurve 2650

Occasional Contributor

VLAN Routing on ProCurve 2650

Hello to all,

I've a small problem with a 2650.I'm using a 2650 with two VLANs with two differentes
IP Network:

VLAN 10 as Primary VLAN, where located all server & services of my private network...

vlan 10
name "Server_VLAN"
untagged 1-32,49-50
ip address
ip helper-address
ip proxy-arp

and VLAN 11, where located some VoIP users, PBx, and PCs

vlan 11
untagged 33-48
ip address
ip helper-address
tagged 50
ip proxy-arp

I've activated the ip routing and DHCP Relay, the problems is that when I'm within the
VLAN 10, everything works perfect, but when I change to te VLAN 11. DHCP Server doesn't
assign IP, DNS, mail server and other service don't respond me...

Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: VLAN Routing on ProCurve 2650


If you can route between the 2 vlans and if you within vlan11 can ping the dhcp server, then :

- You have to configure the DHCP scope for Vlan11 , router attribute to be - vlan 11 ip address as default gateway.

- If your internet router is configured as default gateway for your DHCP server, then you have to add a static route to this switch to point to this router,
IP Route a.b.c.d

and on the router add a static route for vlan11 - its way back to vlan10:
ip route

If that not help, then i suggest you post the switch configuration and an idea about the network map.

And if that help, then points is the way to say thanks :)

Good Luck !!!
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